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Does That Dress Flatter You?

As a plus-sized woman, your fashion choices are always under scrutiny from both the naysayers to the fashion watchers. Besides this, there is also the need to make sure that your personal style suits you. This is not only a big confidence boost, but will also save you a great deal of discomfort throughout the day.


There is no bigger faux pas than wearing a dress or outfit that does not flatter your body.


This is because a dress that doesn’t flatter your body type is near impossible to hide. It isn’t a rouge stain on an otherwise perfect dress and neither is it an out of place button. The entire outfit will look unmistakably odd on your body and could even take a hit on your self-confidence.


Before you go ahead to purchase any dress, you should make sure that the dress in question actually flatters your body type.


First of all, you need to understand and be able to identify just what type of body shape you have. Are you apple shaped or pear? Do you carry more weight on your bottom or upper body? Knowing what your body type is is the first step in knowing just what type of dress or outfit you should be buying.


Second of all, you need to deliberately look for clothes that amplify your natural features. If you are very curvaceous. hourglass dresses will be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you have non-prominent hips, for example, dresses that are bell-shaped are a better option. This gives you a clear guide on what to shop for and what not to shop for.


All the guides and tips aside, one of the most effective ways to know if a dress will flatter your figure is simply to try it on. Unless you are shopping online (which is another beast in itself), you should endeavour to try on whatever you intend to buy. Most retailers will let you try on the intended dress or will at least have a sample for customers to compare with.

When you do try the dress on, make sure to check every angle to make sure it flatters you from all sides. Get an independent opinion if possible.


An unflattering dress is one of the most unfashionable and downright embarrassing things that can happen to a person. Follow our helpful guide to make sure that whatever you wear, its flattering.

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