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June 10, 2018
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Dresses off the Euphoria COllection

There would always be those events which would make a plus size woman want to put on an evening dress. Getting the perfect evening dress can be tasking especially in a world where plus size women are often told either directly or indirectly that fashionable, drop dead gorgeous dressing is not for them. They are often expected to settle for either shapeless dresses or dresses which accentuate the wrong curves.

Because Makioba cares for you, here are some essential tips for pulling off stylish evening dresses and looking absolutely stunning at an event.

Ensure That The Dress Suits Your Body Type

Bodies come in different types and you should definitely ensure that the dress you are getting has that right cut for your body type. Take out time to study your body type and to research on what styles and cuts best suit your body. Or, you can go the super easy and less stressful way; get Makioba to handle your dressing needs and the dress will be just perfect for you.

Get Solid Colours

It is common knowledge that darker colours have a slimming, flattering effect on the body. However, you can take your style beyond the regular black and navy blue. Explore other solid colours like maroon and dark green. These solid coloured dresses go well with all kinds of jewellery which would add more glamour to your overall style.

Explore Small Prints

If you want to try something beyond solid colours, you would find out that print dresses are super fun and flirty. They add greater character to your style. However, avoid large prints. They can look disproportionate on curvy plus size bodies. Go for smaller prints which are more body flattering.

Dress From Inside Out

One way to ensure that the beautiful dress you have looks great on your body is by using the right underwear for your dress. Get proper underwear which combines comfortability with style to give you that perfectly firm finish underneath before you put on your dress.  

Gone are the days of agonising over looking great in an evening dress. Employ these tips and of course, join the stylish baby girl life by getting Makioba to sort out your evening gown needs.

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