Fairy Slay Mother: Knee-length dresses
April 4, 2018
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April 18, 2018

Fairy Slay Mother: Floor-length dresses

We’ve already explored the infusion of fairy tales in knee-length dresses. While knee-length dresses can certainly be beautiful and have a whimsical feel to them, floor-length dresses are what we immediately think of when we think of fairy tale fashion.

Almost every fairy tale has the ‘revel’ scene where our heroine emerges with an opulent ballgown. This has been depicted in films such as Beauty and the beast and Cinderella and it has since become a fantasy of little girls and grown women worldwide.

The good thing is that you can, indeed, channel this goddess look, whether it is for a princess moment or a more understated fairy godmother look.

There are several ways to modernize the fairytale look, some of which are below:

  • Structured gowns: Structured gowns aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of fairy tale moments. However, there have been several moments in film and T.V where they have made an appearance, usually worn by the villain during a musical number.

Villian or not, they can be absolutely beautiful and when given a dash of glitter, are impossible to ignore.



  • Power sleeves: Power sleeves are the definition of drama on a dress. There is something very alluring about sleeves that are so decadent they take attention away from the dress itself. This is another design that has been featured heavily in fairytales, from Snow White to Sleeping beauty.

They are very versatile in that they can give off a soft, colorful vibe or can be very serious and work-friendly depending on how they are worn. Channel your inner Maleficent and try one today.



  • Figure-hugging florals: If you’ve seen the movie Frozen, you’ll probably be familiar with the now-iconic scene where Elsa emerges in her Figure-hugging blue dress with the cape.

Before then, most fairy tale dresses for the big reveal scene were puffy ballgowns. This broke the mold and re-invented what a fairytale dress is supposed to look like.

You can get in on the action by embracing a figure-hugging dress. The trick is not to wear just any dress, but one that has hints of floral embellishments for that dreamy appeal.



  • Side-cape dress: This design has not only had pride of place in fairytales but also in real-life and has become synonymous with queens and other royal women.

The mere addition of this to a dress turns it on its head. Wear this in soft colors like pink and white for a more fairytale-inspired feel.


  • Train yourself: From movies to weddings, few things look and feel more beautiful than a full train. With the exception of a few, most fairytale gowns often feature a train that is very long and in some cases, follows behind the wearer several inches back.

A sure hit at dinner parties, wear a dress with a train fit for a princess.


So there you have it. Get out there and channel your inner princess or fairy godmother with these floor-length dress ideas.

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