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May 23, 2018
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June 10, 2018

May the Muumuu rise to meet you

Muumuus are a lifesaver. They are the blessed dresses we wear when we cannot come and kill ourselves. They are loose, free and easy to move about in. Muumuus are designed with comfort put ahead over style and are mostly worn on the weekends, at the beach and anywhere else we feel the need to have few clothing-inducted restrictions.

While muumuus are synonymous with unrestrictive, they do not have to be synonymous with unfashionable. They can be styled and worn in a variety of ways that can be as beautiful as they are comfortable.


Muumuus vary in length, though they are mostly designed as floor-length creations. The shorter versions of the muumuu are usually more fashionable but the longer ones can be just as stylish. One of the ways to do this is to wear a loose belt at the waist of the dress which gives you a bit of an hourglass figure.

If you’d feel uncomfortable with a belt, consider adding embellishments to the sleeves or the collar of the dress. This ensures that the décor of the dress doesn’t restrict or otherwise inconvenience you.


Most of the time, when people wear muumuus, they wear them with their hair up in line with the ‘comfort’ theme. No matter how simple your muumuu is, you can add a bit of flair to your outfit with your hair and makeup. This easily turns a ‘lazy day’ look into an ‘understated elegance’ moment.

If you’re going for a very simple look, pulled back hair is your best choice while free-flowing hair is a little more eye-catching.


Muumuus can easily be paired with a wide variety of jewelry and depending on how elaborate you want to look, the jewelry can be large and extravagant or simple and understated. Popular types of jewelry worn with muumuus are large bangles and wide necklaces. The concept behind this is drawing all the attention to the neck and hands while allowing the muumuu to shine in an understated manner.


If you’re going out, opt for a muumuu that is in a single bright color and accessorize minimally to allow the muumuu draw all the attention. Believe it or not, your muumuu will be more memorable if it is in a single color than a mess of patterns.

Muumuus should have just enough fabric that it doesn’t cling to the body but not so much fabric that it becomes overwhelming to move about in.

Muumuus might be for lazy days but they do not necessarily have to look lazy. Accessorize and choose your muumuu well and you can look just as good as in a tight-fitting dress.

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