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January 31, 2018
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Valentine’s Day Fashion Inspiration

The very slow month of January 2018 has finally passed, and February is upon us now. This inevitably means that we are finally in the month of Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day is a day that is practically impossible to avoid or ignore. Every business is cashing in on it, everyone one is talking about it and love can be felt all around. It is also a very fashionable time. Everyone is going out on one occasion or the other, and many women find themselves going to dinner, movies and other romantic dates with their significant others.


When it comes to dressing for dates, Valentine’s day is the Oscars and the best time to be seen. There are many ideas for valentine’s day outfits, some of which we will be sharing with you.


Structured Gowns: Depending on where you will be spending Valentine’s day, your choice of outfit can be casual or serious. Valentine’s day is on a weekday this year, and most people will spend a huge chunk of the day at work before going out to celebrate. Some might even go off on their dates from work. In this case, it is a great idea to wear a dress that can go from office to date without missing a beat.



Flowy Knee-Lengths: This type of gown follows the philosophy of structured gowns in that they are appropriate for both work and play, but have the added edge of being more casual in nature. Their bottom structure means that they are not constricting and you won’t likely find them uncomfortable to wear after a long day’s work. Also, if your valentine’s day celebration involves activities that will require a lot of moving about, this is the best choice.


Goddess Gowns: Valentine’s day is the best time to show yourself off. While some dates are lowkey, some are more elaborate and should be dressed for as such. If you’ll be attending a formal dinner party or any other event, consider turning up in a goddess gown. It has classic glamour, shows off that amazing body and doesn’t shy away from being seen.



BouBous: With all the talk about elaborate dates, it is easy to forget that many people will opt for very simple, low-key dates that don’t require much dressing up. If you’d like to go simple, try a boubou. They work for both day and nighttime and are very comfortable.



Whether you want to go all out or go simple, be sure to embrace your figure this valentine and dress the romantic part.

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