February 10, 2019
Rocking Ankara!
April 14, 2019

Wearing & Buying A Plus Size Jumpsuit

Being a larger diva, you’re always told what you should and shouldn’t wear. Jumpsuits are one of those styles you are told to ‘stay away’ from.

Well, I’ll tell you now that you should rock their world.

All “trends” are for all bodies.  Wear whatever you want, when you want. How you want
Who even comes up with all these trends and rules?!!

Perfect for festivals, a stroll through the markets or a night out, jumpsuits are a cute versatile and comfortable option.

At a size 18, I hold my weight in my midsection (from chin to crotch) so was a little apprehensive that the jumpsuit would fit me.  The roundest part of my body is my tummy, so I was apprehensive about wearing a jumpsuit.  But I was wrong to worry about it!

I believe in aesthetic lines and outfits that hug you in the right places to give you shape. I want to feel absolutely banging so when it comes to jumpsuits I size up to ensure I have a loose fit around my stomach and bust area.

A tip for you!

A print is a perfect way to go when it comes to jumpsuits. Prints can be a welcome distraction when you aren’t feeling totally confident in your body. There is something about a boldly printed jumpsuit that oozes confidence and style and enables the wearer to feed off that. If you aren’t keen to go all out on your first go, try a bold color with a small dainty print and then go from there.

One of my top tips is to consider what underwear you are wearing.

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