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May 8, 2018
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May 23, 2018

What to wear: To a Wedding

It’s merely days till the royal wedding and the whole world seems to be hooked on wedding fever. Few things are more discussed than the upcoming wedding fashion. What will Meghan wear? Also, what will the guests wear?


The last royal wedding featured a lot of memorable fashion, from Kate’s dress to the guests’ outfits. It also sparked a conversation about what to wear (and not to wear) to a wedding. This topic has been long-debated with some style etiquette being passed down through the decades and some new rules popping up.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our unique guide on what to wear to a wedding.


  1. White: Traditionally, it is said that one shouldn’t wear white to a wedding. For the most part, this rule should be abided with. However, in recent times, many brides are switching up on this tradition.

Some brides are opting for colored wedding gowns and allowing (and even insisting) on their guests wearing white to the wedding. An example of this was Solange Knowles’ wedding where everyone, including the bride and groom, wore white.

2. Pink: Pink is one of those colors that can easily be soft or overpowering depending on the shade you choose to wear. For a wedding, wear a shade of pink that is as soft as possible. The idea behind wedding gues fashion is that you should look good without drawing much attention to yourself and giving the bride her chance to shine.



3. Knee-length: Unless the dress code calls for it, do not wear anything longer than your knees to a wedding. Unless of course, you are a part of the bridal train. It is often considered in bad taste. Long dresses may be worn to the reception though.


4. Bows and ribbons: It is a celebration, after all. Bows and ribbons bring a sweet touch to any outfit and are absolutely appropriate for a wedding. The thing to keep in mind is to not let the bow or ribbon be too large. If it is a large one, do not wear a fascinator as well.


5. Soft colors: Due to the nature of the event, ‘loud’ colors such as red, deep blue should be avoided. Colors like black are absolutely forbidden.  Instead, opt for soft colors like pink, baby blue, and cream.



This weekend will host not only the royal wedding but many others around the world. The same will happen the weekend after and every other weekend after that. With our guide, you’ll be beautifully and appropriately dressed for all of them.

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