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March 6, 2018
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March 20, 2018

What to Wear to: Church

We are in the month of March which means that easter shall soon be upon us. Much like Christmas, Easter is often characterized by church services and other religious activities. And there are few places better for making an impression than at church. Since time immemorial the church has been the place for women to come in their best attire, hence the term ‘Sunday best’.


This year shouldn’t be any different. Easter 2018 should definitely be one for the books. Fortunately for you, there are so many stylish options that are sure to turn heads when you turn up for Easter Sunday.


  • Floor-length statement dresses. Despite our climate, it is still very possible to wear floor-length dresses to Church. The trick is to make sure that the dominant colours are bright and that the lower part of the dress flatters your figure and is well embellished.

Depending on how long the dress is, you may or may not need to coordinate your shoes as well.




  • Bright colours: There are times where wearing black and brown might be appropriate. Easter isn’t one of those times. Because it is a celebration period, your outfit needs to reflect that. Aas a result, your colours should be bright and give off an air of celebration for all to see.


  • Florals; Nothing quite says Easter like floral patterns. It is one of those fashion statements that impossible to miss and is the definition of eye-catching. Whether you are wearing them on the sides of your dress, the front or covering your entire bottom with them, get your flower power on this Easter.


  • Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits have the reputation of being very ‘serious’ clothing, but when done well can be very soft, feminine and even festive. The trick is to accessories and embellish the jumpsuit in such a way that the softer side of the outfit shines through.


  • Sheer fabric: This is one of the riskier options for easter, but can be done just as well as the others. Most sheer fabric is of neutral colours such as black. The key to getting away with it is to make the rest of the outfit as bright and beautiful as possible. If the entire outfit is black, pair it with floral patterns and bright accessories.


Easter will soon be upon us and style has never been more important. Follow our above to have a festive and stylish Easter celebration.

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