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June 2, 2018
January 6, 2019

Cinching Your Waist

The world has a general obsession with the hourglass figure and whether in lingerie or fully-clothed, everyone seems to want to channel their inner J-Lo. The single easiest way to achieve this is to sync in your waist.


Cinching in your waist narrows the bust-to-hip ratio and makes you appear curvier. There are a number of easy ways to cinch your wait, the most common being the use of bodyshapers or corsets.


However, those can become uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Rather than subject yourself to them, there are some creative clothing tricks you can make use of.


  • Shadow it: This is quite simple. What you do in this case is to wear dresses that have ‘shadow’ patterns on their sides. These shadow patterns are in the form of curves that mimic an hourglass figure.

These dresses give the illusion of the wearer being curvy and doesn’t require much beyond simply being put on.

The shadow of the dress should be in a color that is in stark contrast to that of the rest of the dress and should be located at your hips and waist. Once you find a dress that fits this description, all the work has been done for you.


  • Belt it: This takes synching to a whole new level. This involves wearing a belt, whether a leather one or a rope around the waist of a dress or pantsuit to draw in the waist.


One thing that should be kept in mind is that the waist should not be too tight as it might constrict the stomach and make sitting, walking and eating uncomfortable.

For maximum effect, make sure the belt is in a color that is in stark contrast to the rest of your outfit. This draws attention to it and makes you look even curvier.


  • Triangles: There are dresses that are capable of giving the hourglass effect without the use of belts of shadows. This is because the dresses themselves are triangle shaped. These dresses naturally become narrow at the middle and fuller at the hips.

They shape the body and give the hourglass figure without any effort form the wearer. Before you purchase one of these dresses, however, make sure the waist is at a measurement that your body can handle. The last thing you want is to be suffocated in the dress.


There are a number of ways to get the coveted hourglass figure.Try one of these methods today and let that figure sine.


  1. Enuka says:

    Do you mean Cinching?????????