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January 17, 2018
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Comfort Dressing For the Stylish Woman

There are times where you want to wear the most glamorous dress on the planet, a killer pair of heels and go out ready to slay…and there are times that you don’t. With all the talk about fierce plus-sized fashion, one aspect that is often forgotten about is comfort dressing.


Comfort dressing is for those days where you aren’t interested in being a glamazon, but also want to look presentable. There’s nothing wrong with this. After all, almost no one is in glamour mode 24/7. This is, however, a bit trickier for plus-sized women. A lot of people have the preconceived notion that plus-sized women are unglamorous and don’t put in any effort with their appearance. In some people’s minds, plus-sized women walk around in nothing but shapeless sacks. This is quite untrue. There are many ways to wear comfortable clothing without compromising on style.


First, it is important to get the idea out of your head that comfortable clothing has to be shapeless. Contrary to popular belief, clothing can be comfortable, easy to wear and still be stylish. The trick is to identify such clothes and pick the ones that best suit your figure. Fashion by its very nature is versatile and so there is a wealth of options for looser clothing.



Also, comfort clothing tends to carry more fabric and be looser. While this means that you don’t get the form-fittingness of other outfits. It does, however, mean that there is more space for motifs, embellishments and other decors. The dress is literally a playground for various ideas. Make it a point of duty to choose clothes that are beautifully made. Comfort dressing isn’t a reason to wear bland, unflattering clothes.



Depending on just how laid-back you want your comfort outfit to be, you can very well play it up a bit. S slightly cinched waist and the right accessories can make you look absolutely stylish even if you aren’t really trying to do much, creating a bridge between simple and sophisticated. If you don’t want much going on with your outfit, you can channel all your energy towards having the best accessories possible. This means a low-maintenance look for you overall that still looks amazing.



Comfort dressing is one thing that every woman indulges in, some more often than others. Regardless of its frequency for you, it is important not to lose sight of looking good, even when comfort dressing.


The trick is to choose clothes that are stylish while being simple and also to accessorize well.

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