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May 1, 2017
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Entering the New Year with #BodyConfidence

It’s officially a new year with new opportunities to look fabulous.


It’s a bit of a cliché that people take up New Year resolutions and #newyearnewme attitudes, but they can actually be a very positive thing, especially for plus sized women.

In the world of body-shaming and internet trolls, gaining confidence in yourself and your body as a plus sized woman can be difficult, but is hardly impossible. Here are a few tips to enter the New Year with #bodyconfidence.


  1. Be unapologetic: A Twitter user recently recounted her experience with a plus sized woman at a gathering. According to her, the woman was painfully self-conscious and repeatedly said sorry when shifting in her seat, adjusting her dress or eating. Don’t be that woman. You owe no one an apology for your body and existence. Hold your head up and shine!

Makioba Mmarch 2017 lookbook


  • Wear Yourself Beautiful: A lot of plus-sized women fall into the habit of dressing to hide their bodies or conceal their figures. This is the year to reject such thinking and dress for yourself. Wear figure-hugging dresses and bold patterns. Step out in that gorgeous pair of heels. It’s pepper-them-gang season so feel free to join in.

Makioba Easter 2017 lookbook


  • Refuse to be bullied: Plus sized women have always been subject to bullying and rude comments about their bodies, and the anonymity of the internet has made it even worse. Well, this is the year to push back. If the comments are coming form someone in real life, feel free to tell them off and shut down ant body shaming. If they are coming from people on the internet, feel free to clapback, block, delete and so on.

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  • Don’t Hold Back From Doing What You Love: There is an age-old mentality that certain activities are out of reach for plus sized women. These range from physical activities to romantic interests to certain positions. If time and the internet have taught us anything, it is that these stereotypes are nothing but hogwash. This is the year to push back against these beliefs and live our best lives. Run that marathon. Take that dancing class. Go after that position. Go talk to that cute guy. The world is your oyster and nothing should hold you back.

Makioba March Lookbook

While a New Year is upon us, we will inevitably find ourselves counting down to 2019 (time goes oh so fast). When we do, let us look back at 2018 as the year that Plus Sized women took over unapologetically, fiercely and fabulously.



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