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March 27, 2018
Fairy Slay Mother: Floor-length dresses
April 10, 2018

Fairy Slay Mother: Knee-length dresses

Fairytales are one of the biggest sources of inspiration for songs, movies, and even fashion.

Clothing that has elements of fairytales in them coke off as very dream-like and soft. This makes them perfect for church, garden parties and other events where a whimsical touch will be appreciated.

When most people think of fairy-tale inspired dresses they think of opulent wedding gowns and ball gowns, but knee-length dresses can be just as whimsical and wonderful.

The thing that brings the fairytale element to dresses is their motifs, embellishments, and details.

Suitable for work and play, here are a few ways to wear fairytale inspiration in short dresses.


  • Floral embellishments: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fairytale that doesn’t feature a flower of some significance to the story.

Certain flower presentations have even become synonymous with fairytales. This should be carried into your outfit as well. In this case, don’t add details of flowers but leet the flower be the center of the dress itself.

This is done through manipulation of the fabric itself to create a large flower icon that can be seen from a mile away.

This gives off a fairy godmother vibe that is soft but can also be channeled as a bold power outfit for the boardroom.



  • Channel your inner Mary Poppins: The Mary Poppins ensemble has become an icon symbol of children’s animation with many recognizing her simply by her outfit.

With time, many elements of her outfit have been taken and adapted into modern clothing. The look is quite conservative but has its charm. Tthe good thing about such an outfit is that it can easily be worn in real life without too many ties to the fairytale.


  • Large bows: What’s more whimsical than a bow? Very few things, to be honest. The addition of a bow to any outfit makes it just a little more interesting and girly.

The addition of a large bow makes it the talk of the town. This has been done on red carpet outfits for award shows and can also be done for the everyday. If you do decide to wear an outfit with a large bow, be sure to wear minimal jewelry and allow the bow to shine uninterrupted.


  • Lace and floral patterns: A cluster of flowers is by far one of the most whimsical things you can put on a dress. Pair that with lace and you could pass as a fairy godmother.


Fairytale inspirations are not reserved for ballgowns worn to dinner parties but can also be worn during the daytime as well. Follow the above steps and add a dash of magic to your life and style!

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