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January 11, 2018
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January 24, 2018

HourGlass: Bringing Out Your Figure

It can’t be denied that the hourglass shape is in. The evidence is everywhere. Sales of waist trainers and corsets are at an all-time high and every music video and photo shoot seems to feature some lady with a curvaceous figure.


This is great news as the ‘thick’ revolution is shinning a positive light on fuller figures, which is good news for plus sized women as well. There as never been a better time to show off your gorgeous figure than now.


Some women naturally have hourglass figures and some do not. Either way, dressing for that body type is key. If you naturally have an hourglass figure, it can be enhanced and accentuated by your outfit. If you don’t, you can give the impression that you do. Here are a few ways to dress for an hourglass figure.


  • Wear embellishments on your hips: Probably the most eye-catching aspect of an hourglass figure is wide, prominent hips. As a result, your outfit should seek to draw attention to your hips. We’ve spoken about embellishments in a previous article and they also come into play here. Wear outfits that have embellishments around the hips. This helps to draw attention to them and if the bottom half of the outfit is skin tight, can make the hips appear wider.



  • Crop it: A universal rule to getting an hourglass figure in your outfit is to have a lot going on around your hips and waist. For this tip, you’ll need both a top that stops just at or above the waist, as well as a skirt or trousers that are high-waisted. These two items will meet just above the hips. The emphasis on this will make your hips appear wider in comparison.

Plus, you get to look like a real-life genie in a bottle.



  • Vertical patterns: Whether it’s clusters of floral embellishments or geometric shapes, vertical designs are a classic way of drawing attention to or away from certain body parts. You might want to apply this to your outfit. A vertical design running at the side or front of your hips helps to highlight the curve of your hips and gives you a more hourglass appearance.


So, there you have it. These are a few tips to help you bring out that amazing hourglass figure. It doesn’t matter whether you naturally have this figure or not. With the right outfit and proper styling, you too can rock the hourglass.

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