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February 7, 2018
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How Loose/Tight Should Your Clothes Be?

The question of how loose or tight clothes should be is an age-old one. Fashionistas from time immemorial have wondered about this.


In a lot of cases, it is reduced to a moral one with people passing judgement based on what they see as ‘decent’ or ‘immoral’ clothing. To be honest, the question is never truly answered in that regard.


Leaving morality aside, the decision on how tight to wear your clothes is entirely up to you. However, from a style point of view, certain factors should be considered when deciding on the tightness or looseness of your clothes.

One of the first things to consider is the purpose of the attire. After all, we dress according to where we are going to appear.

If you are going for a very informal event, then tight-fitting clothes are probably not your best bet. For more formal events, both loose and tight clothing can easily be worn.

Also, consider what you will be doing. Will you move around a lot? Will you be required to sit or stand repeatedly or for long periods of time? These should also be taken into account.


Another very important factor to consider is your natural body shape. Certain clothes were made for and thus look better on certain body types. Figure-hugging gowns typically look better on curvier bodies and might come off looking awkward to underwhelming if not tailored to your body correctly.

On the other hand, if you are looking to accentuate or draw attention to certain body parts such as your hips, bust, thighs and so on, a figure-hugging dress is the way to go.


Whatever you decide to go for, make sure it looks good on your body (why would you wear it otherwise).


You should also keep your comfort in mind. This is a big factor to be considered as it is one of the biggest arguing points on the topic of dress tightness.


As a rule, tighter dresses tend to not be the most comfortable to move around in, put on and off and some women even have trouble breathing in them while some women can wear the tightest clothes like a pro.

If you are not comfortable wearing a dress that is particularly tight, then you don’t have to. Instead, go for a more comfortable number.

However, if you are able to wear tighter clothes with ease, feel free to.

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