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January 4, 2018
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January 17, 2018

Wearing Floral Embellishments Right

One of the many absurd fashion rules that society tries to put in place for plus sized women is that we shouldn’t wear bold prints or large embellishments. After all, as a plus-sized woman, you ought to be desperately trying to take attention away from your body.


As we said in our previous post, this is the year of breaking the rules and owning our fashion. As a result, such archaic rules will be done away with. Plus sized women can and should wear embellishments.


To get into the trend, here are a few tips:


  • Strong Points: It’s not just a matter of having floral embellishments on an outfit. The embellishments in question should be strategically placed. A good idea would be to wear embellishments that draw attention to your strongest features. If you have well-defined shoulders, a dress with embellishments in that area would be fantastic. The same goes for your hips, waist and so on.


  • Don’t overdo it: In the case of large embellishments, less tends t be more. They are already bold in their own right, and having too much of them doesn’t allow them to shine. As much as you’d like to embrace the trend, you don’t want to step out looking like a walking garden. A few well-placed embellishments will look better than a crazy cluster.


  • Little garden: It might just so happen that you do want to have a lovely cluster of flower embellishments on your outfit. If you do, it is best to get an outfit that has a cluster made up of smaller embellishments. A cluster of large ones would look outrageous and insane, but a cluster of small ones will probably look very beautiful.


  • Keep it simple: Clothes with floral embellishments tend to steal all the attention when worn and as such, it shouldn’t have anything competing with it. The day you wear such a dress isn’t the day to also wear a wild hairstyle or chunky jewelry as it can all seem a bit overwhelming. For maximum elegance, keep your hair, makeup, and jewelry minimal and simple. This way, the dress can properly shine.


  • Go bold: Bold colors and large embellishments are always a killer combination. If you really want to turn heads when you step out, go for dresses that are not only bold in color, but have well-placed embellishments on them.


There you have it! We are approaching spring and needless to say, floral patterns will be everywhere. Plus sized women need not be left out Go forth and rock those florals with pride!

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